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Beautiful series. I like the regard of the teacher!


Beautiful series. I like the regard of the teacher!


did you notice the teacher was calulating YOUR score ... ;-)
someone here mentioned a book and i would add you can put this portrait on the cover!


Excellent shots again! The top shot is awesome. Almost like she wants to send you out of the room. I also like the rest of the shots with the kids studying... awesome!


Bro, I like it when you go B&W and monochrome on us, I have always said for your type of documentary style photography, B&W or monochrome best suits your images. Love the 5th image.



very interesting topics here sir! love those b/w pictures too :0)


looks like she's a terror teacher!


Ooh! Looks like a strict teacher. hehehe. But the kids seems to be enjoying still

Great you guys enjoyed your Manila tour! :D


I always wonder how you manage these pictures ... Honestly these are so journalistic ... awesome.
65% money goes in bribes - very sad!

Ashish Sidapara

The figures are alarming, sad but true :(
Love the unposed portraits, great series my friend!


J'adore ces photos d'enfants heureux d'être à l'école. J'aime bien peticulièrement la 2eme où un seul enfant vous regarde.
Je vois qu'ils apprennent l'anglais dés le plus jeune âge.
Est-ce la deuxième langue dans votre pays?
Apprend t'on le français aussi?
Ps: je pourrais vous envoyer du "Pineau" si vous voulez. Ce serait un grand plaisir Sydney.
Bonne journée à vous


That young man in shot 6 is going to hit you with that stick Sidney! What did you say to him? ;-) Shocking state of affairs regarding the funds. Mal

Sayote Queen

The teacher's scary :) Wouldn't want to mess with her :) Love these shots. Terrific, as always :) And I love the post that comes with it :) Bravo!


how disgusting on the bribes... interesting read, sidney. the photos are fantastic. love the sepia tone they are in.


Great portrait of a teacher there.. She seems wary of you..


What school is this?

I was enrolled in a public school in elementary, but my classrooms has been really really nice. Each classrooms has its own CR.


There are some stunningly gorgeous portraits in this series, I love your real, unposed shots you take.

Ashwathy Nair

Excellent images!


Really good photos.

Thanx, Sidney!


i was a product of a public school and during that time, i never appreciated reading books. why? because, there's nothing much good to read, except those old books that we have to share with two or more students. it doesn't help either that the pages are torn and that we can't take them home to read.


It's really sad that many children who study in public schools do not get enough text books because of the undermining corruption that takes place. I remember watching a local movie about this (starring Alexandra de Rossi)and felt really moved about the plight of these children. In the movie, the school had new textbooks but the school keeps them and only brings them out when someone from the Dept. of Education visits their school. Imagine that. Textbooks for show only. Really unfair but it's a reality that happens in many public schools.


For a short while I was beginning to believe life was getting better there in the Philippines.

Now I realize it is only better for those who already have money.

Great expo -- as always.

Toxic Lens

Corruption is the last thing places like this need... Touching photos today Sidney.


i love the big fat brown envelope also:-P just kidding...sad story they should shame to do it. btw nice candid shot of the kids- but my favorite is serious looking teacher, she must be very strickly:-P


I really like the first photograph. She looks like she's about to scold me!

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